Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now let me explain, I never grew up.

Song Of The Day: "Melt Show" by Old 97s

The protein shakes I've been drinking taste like liquid pudding. I'm not sure if I should be psyched or disgusting. I guess I'll just enjoy the fact that they keep me full and dropping pounds. A girl at The Sac complimented me on having one of the smallest waists she'd ever seen. Then we proceeded to talk about my ample ass and how I have no plans to wear Apple Bottom jeans in the future. Didn't really think my protein shakes would give me this much to blather about. Eh.

I'm going to pat myself on the aforementioned ass for being mondo productive yesterday. But I reckon it's easy to be productive when you're planning/working on fun stuff. Yep. I have fun on the brain.

1. My future-step-son's birthday par-tay. The reigns have been handed over to me (or I stole them...whatever), which is good because birthdays are my thing. I love me a birthday. Todd laid the foundation and I just went bananas from there. I had such great birthdays and birthday parties as a kid (I still do, actually) and I want to keep those traditions alive in my own family. I brain stormed with Katie Carnivore just for fun and we came up with some pure awesomeness. I asked Todd not to sensor my genius and he told me to do it up. So I'm doing it up. But with all kiddie parties, I predict one injury and 1 tummy ache. It happens.

2. My gift to my future-step son. Oh's RAD! At first, it was all about combining something he'd like to do with a sort of mini-summer trip. Again, I have such bad ass memories of the trips we'd take in the summers, even if they were just for a weekend (we STILL take rad, I'm lucky). But the more I planned, the more I became excited! And Todd, too! So it's going to be a great time for all of us. I could get him some lame toy or game or something...but those get broken, lost, or lame. I bet if I gave him the choice between buying something or going where we're going...yeah. I know what he'd want. I don't want to spill the beans...not that I think 8 year olds are my blog demographic. I just want to keep the trip to ourselves...but not the excitement. BANANAS!

3. Let's go racin'!!! It's almost time to leave! I can't believe it. And I also can't believe that Todd seems to be embracing it now. We haven't gone away for a weekend since last August. I thought just I needed the break, but he needs it, too. I can't wait to sit in a lawn chair in my flipflops, drinking a frosty beverage, grilling, goofing off with my friends and my favorite fella on the planet. And let's no forget standing on top of our RV and cheering on JAAAAAAAAAAAMIE!!!! Go #26!

But as far as what I've ACCOMPLISHED...I got all the supplies for Jello shots (it's a race tradition), paper products, an MEAT! Thanks to my parents, I have lots and lots of MEAT! Not only was it super nice of them to let me raid their freezer, but this is going to save me SO MUCH MONEY! Tonight I have to go and get the rest of our snacks and such, get beer, ice, what have you. THEN we still have to pack everything up so it doesn't get water logged, clean out the car, take our shtuff to Sharon's to be transfered to the RV...and I haven't even THOUGHT about clothes! I'll have plenty of snacks and NO PANTS! HA! At least I'll fit in!

Maybe I just rambled a lot but I'm in a good mood. Take it in and be glad I'm not sick or sad. Lots of fun things on the horizon. Lots of events to get us closer to the wedding date. It's a lot of work to just be happy, ha ha. And expensive at times! But life is good. I'm not trying to convince myself that it is. It just IS. I gave my phone number to the new Pussyfoot Girl (1 new girl AND an emcee SECURED! Still hoping for 1 or 2 more chicks...we lost Bobbi and got to use my married last name. It made Todd proud.

And with that, and a sudden stabbing pain...


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