Monday, June 08, 2009

Still in her teens. Just as sweet as she can be.

Song Of The Day: "Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny

I went home Thursday night and went into a COMA! I have no idea what tropical hex was put on me but I woke up in the middle of the night in Sick City. Shivering, sweating, aching. It was only a 24 hour thang but I've been like an off-balance warshing machine ever since. Didn't really set the tone for my weekend, not that it wasn't productive and rewarding.

I've lost almost 9 pounds! I'll reward myself with tighter pants.

Didn't really make the progress I wanted to regarding the art show. Couldn't get my focus together. I did drink a few beers and rode my bike to the park once it started getting all dusky. I paused "Blue Velvet" to do this which sort of made me feel eerie and creeped out and pervy.

On my short journey, I discovered that "just like riding a bike" is a crock. I had no concept on how to turn with my wide handle bars. I was just happy to make it there in one piece without embarrasing myself and to swing for awhile. At that moment, I had no bills to pay, no wedding plans to make, no paintings to finish, no housework, no stress. I just had to swing. have it made and they never realize it until it's too late. Little bastards.

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