Monday, June 22, 2009

Run for your life! You heard it here first.

This weekend was classic. I thought the way was paved to just be rotten all around after Thursday's tattoo removal session turned out to be reminiscent of having my chest scalped. Does that make any sense? It was sucko. That should be clear. So Thursday was a wash. No painting. No productivity. Just pain and napping and ouch.

I woke up still crankified and pretty much refused to get out of bed (until Phoebe notified me that my art show promo postcard designs were DONE...she's a machine). I had my sour face on and a bad attitude. But I shook it off and got down to business where paint was concerned. I was focused and determined and Weasel was good company. He even came up with an idea for a painting that turned out really cute and hilarious and evil. I continued on that wave by getting up before the birds on Saturday and just knocking stuff out. I think I finished 5 or 6 paintings this weekend. Go me!

After scrubbing paint off of every appendage, we cruised out to P'Ville for the trifecta birthday party. I took leftover jello shots from the race and we just unwound. It was so good to be around friends that I hadn't seen in awhile though there were some missing faces. Megbo? Potsie? Joey? Grimm? was rad. We talked movies, wedding, sketch comedy filming, and made 4th of July weekend plans to go camping with Jim and Megan the wonder-kid. I'm looking forward to fireworks and cover bands.

Yesterday...whew...started off rough. I had a fishbowl head. Cruised over to my (future) in-laws for awhile and then headed out to my family BBQ/pool party. It was nice to hang with my neices and nephews and take a swim. Man, when I was little...I was totally part fish. So we hung out and celebrated all the Dads (including Weasel!) and then went home and into coma mode. Movies, mac-n-cheese, couch, bed. May not be a thrilling way to wrap things up but my body and brain thanked me. They know the upcoming weekend holds more of the same...painting, parties, exhaustion. But that's what makes life good.

Do NOT let me get a skunk OR a baby pittie.

But DO come to this:

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