Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record.

Song Of The Day: "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers

I had the best wake up call possible this morning. I can feel it in my toes and in the small of my back. I love that term... "the small". I went to bed early last night, like before the early bird special kind of early. I needed the sleep in this worst way and I woke up refreshed and revived. When I went to bed, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and a generally dysfunctional attitdue.I didn't cry but I was on the all seems to have been repaired. It's amazing how crabby and miserable a person can get due to lack of quality sleep.

I was in bed before Tessa was at the bar. I'm awesome!

I've been stressed, it's no secret. There's enough stress in my day-to-day life but heap a wedding and a possible life change (can't talk about it now but it puts distance between myself and someone I want to karate chop in the throat, whcih is for the best) on's overwhelming. I need to destress so we've scheduled a classic "Chill Day" for this weekend which includes, but is not limited to: watching movies, getting tender, cocktails, grilling (I bought steaks!), playing cards, Yahtzee, building "a nest", laughing our asses straight off. Chill Day prohibits paying or agonizing over bills and/or money, planning the wedding, shower, honeymoon or bachelor/bachelorete outtings, or dealing/worrying about any other stressors in our lives. Chill Day is ours from morning til night and NO ONE can tell us different. Ya got that? My weekend starts when I clock out tomorrow and THAT is a good thing.

I haven't finished "Angry Breakfast" yet. That is my goal for this evening. It's good to have goals. I've been setting painting quotas for the weekends and it's really helped. My quota for this weekend is 6 medium/large paintings. The clock is ticking. Gots to get creative. Luckily, my non-wife, Phee-Bizzle, agreed to make my promo postcards for Cannibalicious! I am not computer art savvy. Plus, it gives her something to do while her non-husband is on tour. Low Life Gallery said they'd provide the postcards if I provided the design. They also said they'd provide beer and win but a band (Miss Firecracker One-Woman Band) and snacks are up to me! Covered. Totally. I'm getting excited. I'm getting nervous. I want to sell 5. If I sell 5, I'll be the happiest kid alive. Slap happy! Orgasm happy! I bet you're all itching for the art show to be over like you were for Motor Mayhem to be over so I stop blathering about it. It's better than me yapping about always being a sicko or getting my emo on, right? RIGHT!

What else?

Nothing. Nothing else!


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