Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is this fun for you???

I wish I could listen to "Oh My God" by Ida Maria right now. That is what my mood is like. My head is swimming. Swimming like angry, blood-thirsty sharks that have been poked with sticks. Sticks that smell like blood. Oh, stop swimming, my mind! Sidenote...a study recently showed that Great Whites are very similar to human serial killers in the way the stalk their prey. Fascinating. Look it up.

And let me new mind-boggling mood has nothing to do with yesterday's "not like myself" mood. That's over. After some hand holding and major "artic" snuggle time, the off-centered weirdness I was experiencing went away and I felt like myself. I really wanted to stay in bed all day, snuggling...which was suggested...but we need bacon to bring home. Literally. It looks like a college fridge. But anyway...yesterday's mood was repaired.

But now there's THIS mood. GRRRRR!

And I can NOT talk about it because it's not my business to blab. But it has me really upset. You hurt a person I care about, you hurt me. That's how it goes. That's how it should go. Maybe I'm not always the best friend or the best human being...but my friends, family...don't mess with them. I'm protective and that's that. So I'm just going to say that I'm upset, I'm shocked...Todd used the word "disgusted", which is perfect...and leave it at that. People just keep blowing my mind. Just when you think nothing else can shock you...POW!

I'm going to stop thinking about it now. The person that it does have to do with knows I have their back. So...shaking it off. And now that it's shook...I can cruise over to my wedding blog and happily jabber about our meeting at the church last night and how for the first time, I felt really emotional! In a good way! Not in a rip your throat out with my barehands way.


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