Friday, May 28, 2010

With a sunny smile and a witty eye.

The long weekend couldn't have come at a better time.

I'm sick, per usual. But really, I haven't been SUPER sick since...February. That's major. Regardless, I'm sick now but I refuse to let it ruin our long weekend and all the chilling we have planned. The only thing concerning me is that it started out as a head and sinus thing and now, I'm sure I feel something brewing in my chest.

Todd ordered me chicken soup from our Chinese joint (no chicken, extra noodles...he's so good to me) and said, "Are you OK?" which was followed by, "Of courrrrrse you're OK!  You have a face full of noodles!". I'm lucky to have someone that still loves me when I have miles of noodles hanging out of my mouth as I slurp soup all over the damn place.

An upside to being sick now? Hopefully it means I won't be sick when we go to Florida (in 13 days)! Unless this is one of those illnesses that likes to hold tight and never let go...which in my case would be ALL of them! But I'm thinking positive. In 13 days, there's nothing but fun on the agenda. I refuse to be sniffling and coughing poolside!

And to Carol High Hair: I love you. You're doing great.

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