Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before you know, cars start to crash.


I got in a car accident this morning. All parties involved are fine. Even the cars are fine. My frame of mind? Not so fine. It is absolutely NOT the way I wanted to start my day. And let me take this moment to say that I DESPISE motorcycles. Specifically the ones people call "crotch rockets". You think you're awesome buzzing by and weaving in and out of traffic? You're not. You're ass hats and I hate you.

So my day was set askew before 7:00. Awesome.

I'm trying to stay positive because we're creeping up on a long weekend but it's hard. I haven't really recovered from last weekend, to be honest. Still sort of blocking out life. On the agenda of potential awesomeness? Hanging with Ben and hearing tales of great adventure (and tastes of great tequila), spring cleaning and finishing the basement chill zone, going to a fun cookout then watching the Charlotte night race, and grilling up some ribs for the holiday. All of those things have potential to make me VERY happy.

Once I'm done being GRRRR. Umbrella drink, please.

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