Thursday, May 20, 2010

We could say good night and stay together.

Last night was the pits. My skull agrees.

But on the other, and much more awesome, hand:

1. Todd, trying to cheer me up and put pep in my step, sent me the Adventure Time theme song (my new alarm clock tone), Finn's "Baby Song" from when he swallowed the tiny computer (my new ring tone), and Finn saying "SCHMOWZOW" (my new text alert). Earlier in the day, he said "YAY! bedtime with Finn.... PUKE" after learning that wonderful Windy is making me Finn's hat and awesome Jen May is making me his backpack. But then he sent me the tones...cause he looooooves me.

2. I lost 6 lucious and squishy pounds.

3. I'll probably gain it back tonight. We are having a steak date because we need to love each other over some meat. You can make that into something dirty if you want to...perverts.

4. We're going to Dave and Buster's on Saturday. Sometimes I hate going there on Saturday's because you have to stalk a table if you want to sit in the midway. But I don't care. I'm going to school Todd at hoops, play Raptor Captor tunil my eyes bleed, and get us that much closer to the Pac-Man machine that we need for the basement bar.

This doesn't change last night's suckage. But it helps.

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juste venteux said...

6 lbs!!!
I'm jealous