Monday, May 10, 2010

In my room I'm so shocking.

Consider my batteries RECHARGED!

After a whole mess of drama (that I for once had nothing to do with but that directly affected my family), we hit the dusty trail and headed to C-Bus to see Becky, the person directly responsible for keeping me alive for many difficult periods in my life. I felt the stress melt off my person the second I walked in the door. I expected nothing less.

It was a whole weekend of movies, magazines, good food, good beer, good people. Nothing was expected of us. And I got to great length...about a lot of the things that stress me out and get some decent and insightful feedback. And of course, I became addicted to new things which typically happens when visiting Becky: Food Network Magazine and "Dinner Impossible". I'm going to be a cooking machine soon!

I miss Becky being 2 miles away. Growing up sucks.

I spent Mother's Day with my family, eating ribs and watching the Cavs hand the win to the Celtics. They had so many opportunities to get back in the game but their heads were elsewhere. Yeah...I'm talking about sports. This needs to stop. Bottom line...Mother's Day was solid. I even got a few "Happy Mother's Day" texts. A step-mother is a kind of mother, I guess. Unless they meant "Happy (Bad) Mother(fucker)'s Day"...which I will also accept.

Our 1st family vacation is 1 month from today. Pumped.

"Human Centipede", I somehow think you will ruin lives.

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juste venteux said...

I'm glad you had an awesome weekend!