Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're going to very...distant lands.

Is it just me, or is "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift today's teenagers' "Every Breath You Take"? Because it seems slightly stalkerish to me. It's just upbeat enough to come across as poppy and fun, but I bet behind her cat-like eyes, Taylor Swift is a freak.

Speaking of cats...or freaks...

I consider myself to be crafty in certain ways but not so much when it comes to sewing. Yeah, I've made purses and pillows and sure, I made my skunk costume for Halloween...but I was roadkill so it didn't have to be spot on. What does this have to do with cats?

I NEED someone with skills to make me a cat hat like Finn's. Last night I watched the 2 BEST episodes I have seen thus far and have been further sucked in to The Land of Ooo. In this first episode, there was a vampire queen AND Finn wore red jammies with a butt flap! In the second episode, dead people from the candy kingdom came back to life as sugar-hungry zombies and were squashed like piñatas!!

It blew my mind. I need the damn hat.

In other news that very few people care about, I started working out again last night. I haven't been feeling too awesome in my body lately and I typically love this broke down, busted machine. So it was time to get serious. I did a mile on my recumbent bike, several exercises for my abs and obliques, and used 5 lb. weights for my arms and shoulders (I looooove my shoulders).

Probably doesn't sound like a lot for my exercise junkie pals but I've been out of the game for awhile. I haven't been sick since February (I think) so now's the time to buckle down. What did I learn from day 1? My noodley little arms are damn strong. My core? Not so much. And I MAJORLY need to build up some endurance. I want to see what I can achieve in the next 3 weeks and then I'll switch it up. If my heart doesn't bust out of my chest and punch me in the eye.

This "plank" business can suck it!

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Anonymous said...

The hat is yours. Just give me a week or so. A lot going on. I need to exercise too. Badly. I do not know how some women have babies and it doesn't affect their bodies. I feel like pregnancy destroyed mine and made my ass unrecognizable to me! You know I was a size 1 a year and a half ago. I'm gonna start working out too is my point lol.