Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feels so good! Feels so fine!

We're rockin' the chopsticks toniiiiiiiight!

I've been craving more Japanese food in my life and tonight, mama's gonna get me some! A ginormous Soporro, ginger, ginger, and more ginger, mad chop-a-stick skills, and maybe...just maybe...a shrimp crunchy roll! It's going to take all my restraint not to go-go dance on the burning hot hibachi!

Since Friday, there has been a neon sign blinking on and off in my life and that sign says STRESS. And I'm so effing siiiick of being stressed over other people's selfishness and stuuuuuupidity (not to mention general lack of common sense and decency) that I've been on the brink of going FULL-ON NINJA!

But not tonight. Tonight I get my Benihana on as a method of chilling.

I need to get a 5,6,7,8s fix, too, while we're getting all Asian. 



juste venteux said...

Ok, now I'm just jealous
Eat something awesome for me please

Camevil said...

Japanese is the universal stress-reducer. Bring on the booze and sodium!

joven said...

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