Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's get animal, animal. I wanna get animal.

Whose going to a 70s/80s running themed party tonight?


I think I'm going for the 70s thing (pigtails, sweatbands, shiny short shorts and tube socks) and I think Todd is going more 80s for comfort (matching windbreaker jogging suit type deal and aviator sunglasses). I really wish I could him into an off the sholder, cut-off tummy shirt, a la Jane Fonda. But that might be asking a lot!

Stay tuned for photos on Stalking My Life!

1 comment:

juste venteux said...

Sounds like my kinda party. Hope you guys have a good time. Pleeeeeease take lotsa pics. Especially if you talk Todd into that shirt. Tell him he should do it for his friends