Monday, May 17, 2010

I won't waste one single day.

Whenever anyone asks me to keep my fingers crossed, I always say I'll cross everything I can: fingers, toes, eyes, fallopian tubes, sometimes labia. But I never say legs! Or ARMS for that matter. Those are things you actually can cross and I somehow always leave them off the list. Tragedy.

R.J. Dio is dead. I feel neither here nor there about it.

I recently heard someone say, "You can put lipstick on a pig...but it's still a pig". I'm putting that in my bank of "Words of Wisdom" right along with "If you hang out with garbage, you'll start to stink". I think I heard both of these gems on a commercial for Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Went to The Hooley (Irish slang for "parrrrrrrtay") at Kamm's this weekend. I do so love cocktails in the street. I do so NOT love Kamm's Lager though, even if it was delivered by a horse drawn wagon. I'm not a big fan of anything hopp-y. Or is that hopp-ish?

I also took the kid shopping for vacation clothes and realized we're a good shopping team... because we both hate it. I'd put money down that it was the quickest and most successful shopping trip with a child udner the age of 10. He showed me what he liked, I asked him if he liked this or that, tried it on...boom...done. He made out like a bandit and my wallet isn't weeping like a bitch. Score!

As far as Jon Lajoie goes...I could've stayed home and watched his You Tube videos again and been completely satisfied without spending a boatload of dough. He was funny, but not funny enough. I guess I'm just not into frat humor. You can only hear so many jokes about jerking off before it loses it's luster.

The next 23 days can't go quickly enough in my humble opinion. Todd and I have been majorly stressed. Work, life, everything. We all need a break and are lucky enough to be financially able to do so. I've got things SO well panned (I know the hours of every park, when the parades, fireworks and lightshows are, our dinner reservations are made, I even have time scheduled to SWIM) that I can just turn my brain off and be 12 years old, leaving all the drama at home. I've been counting down from 116 days to go...please cross your labia that the time flies.

PFG reunion show in August. That's the rumor.

Finding out if we're 0 for 3 on Friday.


Karen said...

I think you should paint pictures of holiday nightmares. I can't paint at all but I have all these gingerbread men making cookies out of Santa...I'd buy it off you.

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

I could see that happening. Seems right up my alley!

juste venteux said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's too friggin funny! When I heard the ever prolific Caroline Manzo say "when you hang around garbage you start to stink I laughed out loud. And John Jackson looked at me like I was crazy. At least I'm not the only one lol.

juste venteux said...

Labia is crossed! hehehe