Thursday, January 25, 2007

My head explodes and my body aches!

I still have my Christmas tree up. What a piece of trash, I am.

My ribs feel like they are getting ready to bust straight out of my flesh. Like there is a robotic wolf...or wolves...inside just ready to terrorize anything or anyone that stands in their path. But first they've got to break free and it looks like they're taking my ribs with 'em. I know I have a broken rib, if not two. It's making sleeping very difficult cause I tend to rock-n-roll. Breathing isn't exactly a walk in the park with a flask full of whiskey either. But what can a doctor do? Pump me full of narcotics and send me on my way to babble, drool, and run over small children with my car? I'm on my own with this one. Just me and my robotic wolves.

I'm going to be a total hermit this weekend. I need to squirrel my nuts away for Vegas! We can't book our flight and hotel for 10 more days (!!!) which is starting to make me sweat since things seem to be filling up lickity split! I don't want to stay at the Vegas Ecconolodge. I want to stay in a flipping noisy, bright-n-flashy, more than I can handle CASINO! Especially since it's Puffin's first time in the city that doesn't sleep (but does drink liquor on the street).

We have so much planned that I can barely keep my brain in my head or my uterus in my lower quad. Gambling, drinking, buffets, drinking, swimming, drinking, racing, drinking, wax museums, drinking, getting tatooed (while sober...gotta be good to my flesh), drinking, sky diving, and drinking! Man oh man, to get my picture with a wax statue of HEF!?!?!

So that's why I'm going to hermit-it-up this weekend. I could go see Lords of the Highway on Saturday and I'm sure it will be a ball-kickin' good time but I have a priority. And my priority is going on vacation to my happy place with my boyfriend. Maybe you think that's just a plain ol' goofy priority but work is taking over his brain, it's stressing me out, and I think it's partners with the robotic wolves.

I'm so burnt out that sleeping has become my weekend activity and that just ain't cuttin' it because I'm still young (until I turn 28 in 11 days) and I should be rocking the HELL OUT until the middle of the night drinking too much, throwing up on the street, waking up with a hangover, and starting all over the next night! Sheesh. I'm not 21 anymore. That whole scenario is just embarrassing. But I do want to have some fun! And I'm going to start having it in LAS VEGAS!

Send text messages and don't forget me while I'm in hiding!

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