Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm really goo-goo over you!

Things are so flipping swell right now you would think I was wearing a pair of ultra-stylish vibrating pants! But that just sounds dangerous and "danger" is not my middle name! Let me think of another analogy...things are so damn dandy right now (right at this VERY second) that you would assume someone had served me up a tall stack of dad-style mega-white flapjacks, that all birds had become extinct on the spot, and they brought back "Undeclared" with all new episodes! I'm in a good mood and it's not medication enduced! Not that there's anything wrong with medicating your way to bliss if it's under a doctor's close supervision. And there's fo' sho' nothing wrong with medicating the p-monia out of your whithered and decaying lungs! How's THAT for a transition!? KA-CHOW!

I'm physically repaired. I'm ready for cocktails. Where will I have them?

I will start off my Friday evening with MARGARITAS! Carol is turning 41 and she was so kind as to include me in her birthday celebration. It's not like I would have given her much of a choice. I would have wrapped my tentacles around her or suctioned to her like a sponge until she gave in and let me tag along. But I didn't have to act like a hideous appendage or black plague. I got an o-fficial in-vite! Weeeee! Carol is one of the best things to happen to me in the last few years so I consider it quite the honor to be chowing Mexican food (and many, many, many margaritas) and bowling some balls with such a k-rad lady! Is Mexican food, drinking and bowling a deadly tri-fecta? It's possible. I could probably write an entire thesis on it but why do that when I can stare at myself in the mirror, marvelling at all the weight I've dropped while being on the verge of death. I'm shallow when it comes to a smaller waist and can. Waiste can. Spelling aside, so funny.

Yeah, I'm really fucking giddy and I don't know if that's a good thing or not! I'm so amped about Carol's birthday, upcoming Pussyfoot shows, upcoming themed parties that I don't have to throw, Bill and I going to Vegassssssssssss, our one year anniversary (feel free to toss, and feel free to toss on someone you love)...there's just a lot of good stuff coming up and I'm ready for it. I think making that silly ass resolution list has got me motivated and dare I say...CHIPPER!?!? No one will recognize me without my signature scowl and fat ass. I want to be a happy girlfriend, an involved friend, a productive person. In the words of Kendra: "I just want to be OK".

Life is good. I'm not rubbing it in but when does this happen!?!?!



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Anonymous said...

cause if you are not rubbing it in ... you should at least be rubbing one out