Monday, January 08, 2007

Four more years ain't right for me.

***OK...I added some things. Check it out.***

Inspired by the lovely Carol High Hair, I am making a resolution list for 2007. I'm not settling down with just one goal for the year. I'm going to play the resolution field. Carol figures that a good solid list would guarantee that something gets accomplished and that way, I won't feel like a failure! Feeling like a failure is not a good way to tie up a year. So by the end of 2007, I want to feel like somewhat of a success! So here it 2007 resolution list! ENJOY!

P.S. I'm almost not sick anymore. I plan on drinking alot of Friday to celebrate my health. And Carol's BIRTHDAY! Her name sure is in this entry alot...and not just because i know she's going to read it (Carol Carol Carol Carol Carol Carol Carol).

2007 Resolution List (inspired by the ever clever Carol High Hair).
1. Become ambidextrous and then use my left hand most.
2. Re-learn sign language and teach it to Carol to we can have secret conversations.
3. Call Bill on his bullshit.
4. Treat others the way I expect to be treated.
5. Let the little things go.
6. Ride my k-rad bike more...and find people who want to ride with me.
7. Find a workout buddy and take some sort of water aerobics class.
8. Take some sort of class...fencing, swing dancing, quilting. I need a hobby.
9. Start painting again. Hardcore.
11. Bust my hump at my job proving that I'm worth more money.
12. Cook everything I've marked in my cookbooks and have dinner parties.
13. Spend more time with my friends.
14. Relax!
15. Get healthier to avoid getting sick so often.
16. Plan some fun roadtrips (Niagara Falls!!!) with fun people.
17. Open a savings account.
18. Do some home improvements and keep the joint clean.
19. Avoid drama.
20. Continue to NOT jog/run and continue to HATE joggers/runners.
21. Go to the movie theater more.
22. Eat more veggies...especially asparagus.
23. Get more involved in helping the Pussyfoot Girls grow!
24. Totally rape Netflix for all it's worth.
25. Buy a pair of cowboy boots and another cowboy hat.
26. Have a super mega fun Vegas vacation!
27. Dress up (make-up, hair, and all) one day at Heavy Rebel.
28. Go to the history and art museums.
29. Keep the high five alive!
30. Play more board games...start a game night!!!
31. Buy more books and read them!


Anonymous said...

Ok, you are off to a great start (I TOTALLY want to learn sign language!) but IMHO, you need to add a few "For Sure" things. I would suggest something along the lines of:

1. Eat some asparagus
2. Rock out

Other than that, it's going to be an awesome 2007!

-Carol High Hair

Anonymous said...

spink here,

lurker extraordinare

i realize it only made it on at 30, but i'd be up for game night, as long as you pick good games :)

one other suggestion, if you change 31 to "Use the library to get books and read them", it will help with 17.


Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

Yeah! Game night!! You're the first one to be down with it. I'll pick good games, I swear!

And yes, you're right. The library sure would help me accomplish more on my list. Thanks for the tip.