Sunday, January 21, 2007

Although miles come between us.

I've got left over Maccaroni Grill in my fridge. I have left over Antonio's as well. I don't have any actual "real" food though and that's sort of depressing. My cats pulled some bad celery out of the garbage and ate it, which is kind of freaky. You would have thought it was a dead rabbit the way the tore it to shreads. It was probably more like a live rabbit though. Three little freaks I'm raising over here.

I just spit yellow phlegm into a piece of legal paper.

I haven't spoken to Puffin in 24 hours and that bugs me. We got into a cat fight this week that actually had me sleeping on the couch and heavy doses of the silent treatment. We were both in the wrong, apologies were made, and I'm pretty sure things were patched up since we had sleep overs for the next two nights (and there was hot-n-heavy hanky panky). But he seems like he has sand in his vagina to me...crabby. And things that were said on Wednesday are still gnawing away at my guts like a bullemic with a box of Ding-Dongs. We're still planning our Vegas vacation so things can't be that rotten. Maybe he just has his period.

I'm going to go make out with my DVR and re-heat a slice.

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