Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I think we need to sit down and talk.

I thought I was all ready to park my ass and blather and jabber but I need that marvelous and sexy wonder drug that is caffeine. Once Carol said that if she could give me anything, it would be a never ending supply of fresh Pepsi. Like a giant vat in my back yard that I could swim in. And I would. Because some how the Pepsi would be distilled and my swimming in it would be safe and erotic. Like a modern day Esther Williams. I'm getting turned on by a bevvy. Better get me some! Back in a flash, just like your herpes!

Glug glug glug glug!

Everything outside the window in my cubicle is covered in snow. Bill got out of bed this morning and announced that outside "there's white stuff all over the place". And I can put aside the perverse nature of that statement (only for a moment) to say TRUE DAT! Snow is taking over and it's touching my face and making me BATTY!

And WHO wore canvas sneakers to work today? A total asshole, that's who! And an asshole with p-monia who should dress more weather appropriate. An asshole who thinks she re-broke her rib from coughing to hard refuses to go to the hospital until the date she set (Wednesday...practicing discipline). I'm not naming names but her ass is smaller than it used to be and she looks cute at work today. Even if she has a heating pad stuffed up her shirt that looks like a tumor or shifty pregnancy.

I know I'm a day late (not THAT kind of late) but I had a k-rad weekend. I don't just lable EVERYTHING as k-rad, you know. Somethings are just "cool" or plain vanilla "rad". I started things out by Friday-style chowing Mexican style and partaking in some drama-free bowling (93!). I ended things Friday-style by watching a special on the 10 most dangerous sharks...Lemon Sharks were number 10. Supposedly they kick ass and I believe it. Saturday and Sunday were a mucked-up but vag-shaking combo of movies (funny, scary, and dirty), food (pork, beef, and PIZZA), hanky-panky (XXX), napping (zzzzzzzzz), cocktails (Busch, Miller, Bud), music (Elton John, Phil Collins, Journey), and me saying, "This is the BEST WEEKEND EVER!". And it was. No drama, no fights, no boredom. Just good stuff. Good times. Good times.

Upcoming Events on My Social Calendar:
My Birthday dinner w/ the fam.
Carol's Birthday Par-tay!
My Birthday lunch and bar hop w/pals (and BECKY!).
My birthday PFG show at Chuck's.
V-v-v-v-v-v-vegas, baby!
One year anniversary w/ Puffin.

So far, things are good in 2007. Bill and I even sort of have a joint resolution that we like to call "Seven in Seven". We're going to TRY and go to 7 Nascar races this year. I'm only signed up for 5 as of now but what's 2 more (if HE pays)? I like the idea of securing the whole Nascar season as his girlfriend. I don't have the best track record with relationships so I'm wary. I really like this one. I'm happy here. I want to stay. At least I'm in until Miami!

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