Monday, December 20, 2010

This kiss you give, it's never ever gonna fade away.

The weekend was jam-packed. Exhaustion is bossing me around.

Like I've said, I really am in the holiday spirit, and not just because I got a healthy bonus at the company Christmas party on Thursday. Friday night we had my aunts over and I was so darn pleased with festive the house looked, how the food turned out. It was a nice evening, but that was just the kick off.

The next night was X-Mas with my immediate family where I stuffed myself silly with chicken paprikash and got amazing gifts! I wasn't supposed to get anything since we were fronted some cash for our Disney vacation...but I ended up with 5 poison jars I LOVE, a Rachael Ray sautee pan I was dying for, and a microplane which I have ALWAYS wanted. Watch out lemons, I'm coming for you!

Closed out the weekend by being a cooking fool as I prepped a turkey feast for Todd's immedaite family X-Mas (which was at Castle Grayskull). Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and again, I felt pretty proud. But pride was quickly followed by mind-numbing exhaustion. I've been running on go for way too long and there's no rest in SIGHT!

On deck: PF Chang's for a holiday dinner with Todd and Sharon, X-Mas Eve at my Grandma's (R.I.P.), X-Mas day in our jammies stuffing our faces and watching movies, and a holiday get together with my cousins. Hopefully I can schedule some naps in there! Either way, I'm loving life right now, despite the chaos, and I hope you are, too.

I just wish I could see some of my friends. I miss y'all.

I know this post wasn't uber-exciting but this is how it is.


phoebe marie said...

yes, please, to the seeing of friends.
i have two (boring but oddly apropos) gifts for you.
and i miss your face.
soon, woman!

phoebe marie said...