Thursday, December 02, 2010

This remedy has got to me!

Holy dog shit!  I just became the owner of my very own soda machine! I didn't realize that this was a dream of mine until the possibility presented itself. It says Cold Drinks on it and it may, or may not, light up. It can be set to free, which is my favorite price, and can hold 6 different beverages. We've got a tiki bar, an enormous projection TV and a Wii. Just need a Ms. Pacman machine and a jukebox and life will be solid. I may never leave the Man Cave. You may have to buy me there.

Also in awesome news, today is Phoebe's 1 year wedding anniversary. The paper anniversay, as it were. I'm glad that 1 year ago today, I was able to use my standings as a reverend in the state of Ohio to join her in unholy matrimony to her mate-of-choice. It was truly an honor. Love you, Bizzle. Happy Paper Day.

And the awesomeness just keeps truckin' in in regards to our weekend. Tonight, it's me vs. tree and I have a goal to convince Todd that there's nothing Charlie Brown looking about it! Tomorrow is Todd vs. Castle Grayskull in the Great Christmas Light Project of 2010. We're doing serious lights his year. No messing around! We're even hosting 2 holiday event this aunts are coming over one night and we're having Todd's extended family over for a turkey dinner another. Gotta get ready for the festivities! From Betty Paige to Betty Crocker (maybe a mix, I'm still saucy).

And the icing on my weekend cake? We're going to see the Queen B in Columbus!! I miss Becky so much and whenever I'm around her (especially on her turf), I just feel calm and good. And Todd was all about making the trip! Hopefully I don't have a cookie-tossing repeat from last weekend. Regardless, at this moment in time, things are solid.

Looks like I have the holiday spirit after all!

And there's a new blog (if you didn't know, Stalking My Life has been retired) all about 2 goons trying to put a bun in the oven. You do not need to be a Blogger member to follow: 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE

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