Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't sound like Christmas at all.

Of course I'd be up by 5am on my vacation day from work. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. Oh, if you didn't already know, I've got a bun in the oven. But there's a bun-in-the-oven blog for that blather. I just wanted to make a point that the monster inside me likes me to rally early.

So why not blog from bed?

Christmas had it's moments but won't be going down in history as the best I've ever had. I was exhausted a majority of the time and things never seemed to go planned. Christmas morning was a success and that's what matters. All the hard work I did playing Santa paid off. Yeah, I'm good at that schtuff.

And I scored some nifty stuff. I like the getting as much as the giving, I'm not going to lie. A Finn hat, Adventure Time hoodie, Futurama season 5, Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii, and a pair of sweet DC boots I had my eye in. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Regardless, I'm glad it's over. I'm sure New Years will be low key, too. I just want to get 2010 out the door by any means necessary! I don't know anyone who would give this year high marks.

I guess I've summed up my holiday so maybe I'll try and shut my eyes again. Dr. Nightmare is laying on my belly purring away. Maybe she'll motor me into a coma!

Sweet dreams.

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