Wednesday, December 08, 2010

She is good. She is bad. No one understands.

Before 5:30 (yes, they have one of those in the MORNING), I managed to oversleep a.k.a. Todd totally muffed up setting the alarm, slip in the driveway and land smack on my tailbone, and forget my lunch.

But then I got to work and this was waiting for me:

Good morning. I hope ur am commute was a pleasant one and trouble free. Im wishing you a good day where everything goes your way.

Sure the morning has been everything BUT trouble-free, but that was super sweet. He's been really awesome thr past 2 weeks while I've been especially stressed out. Last night he was totally cool with my blowing off some steam with Sharon. And he's been driving my car to work and handling getting new tires, a new windshield, and an oil change so it's safe for winter. They're little things but they mean a lot.

If only my tailbone and legs would stop tingling. And my back and shoulders would relax. And lunch would magically appear.

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