Monday, April 05, 2010

Summer is ready when you are!

Spring has sprung! Sleeping with windows open tells me so.

Typically I think Easter is nonsense and I'm not into celebrating it. But after a quick pitstop to see the family, we hit the movies. Seeing a movie on a holiday is always boss, especially if it's in 3D. Luckily for us, "How To Train Your Dragon" was! Not luckily...for me...I cried HARD through the last 15 minutes of it. Oh emotions! How I hate you!

Besides dying eggs, playing Easter Bunny (bunny is allowed, Tooth Fairy is not), and getting prettied up, the lengthy holiday weekend was solid. I soaked up a lot of vitamin D. I also clocked a lot of lazy hours and couch time with Todd. Hit Sarah's 30th birthday jam and then went bowling which never gets old. I give the weekend 2 thumbs up and a high five. Spent too much money but that's the American way.

Anything else I really have to say won't be very interesting and will kind of just be babbled at you. Going to see Lady Gaga with my neice and I'm not one bit embarrassed. Unless you count how much I'm spending on tickets. Then yeah, it's bad. We leave for vacation in 65 days so I need to get that paid off. What else? Oh...Project Preggo is getting underway. It feels weird to be all sweaty and filthy and goofy and know you're trying to create a human being and not just make your bits all tingly.

And if you're a follower of Stalk My Life!, the project is still on. There just hasn't been time for resizing and uploading. But I do have some pretty rad shots so stick around, stay tuned, to be continued, and all that jazz. I'll try and get on it tonight unless something mind-blowingly rad happens. But that would be rare for a Monday.

And congrats to D.A.B. and April who just found out the monster in her womb is a girl! I love little girls and know they will be amazingly rockin' parents! Ol' Kentucky babies...who would've thunk it??


April 22, 2004 @ 3:04p: Important note: I hate Ashton Kutcher but I love biochemical engineers. This leaves me at a funny sort of crossroads that just can't be crossed. Imagine that imaginable situation, if you will.

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