Thursday, April 08, 2010

I'm livin' for givin' the devil his due.

In less than a week, we'll be seeing The Four Seasons! WEE!!

Erin and Phoebe are on board for contributing to Low-Rise Nightmare. They are hateful little minxes which makes them even more attractive than the average minx. But I'm thinking I might change it to Low-Rise Nightmare/Hot-Pants Love Affair. Just in CASE I feel like posting pictures of things I love. Like tacos. I love me a taco!  And I love the Slow Loris AND the Lesser Slow Loris.  And I love the song "Because" by the Dave Clark Five. So I'm thinking about combining my hate with my love. You girls can dig on that right?

And for anyone else who is interested in contributing to the new blog (which is coming soooooon), let me know so I can add you to the list of allowable authors. And don't don't have to take the pictures of the things you love and hate yourself. You CAN, but what are the chances you'll be able to personally take a picture of Gwen Stefani? She goes in my hate file, by the way. That broad is all gums. Anyway, Google Images and the like can do the dirty work for you.

Speaking of Google Images...

I saw a picture on Tuesday that actually had the ability to ruin my entire day. It was clearly a fake/Photoshopped photograph and actually, I first saw it on a Post Secret archive page and then Googled it to be SURE it was fake. It bothered me to such a degree that I went home and threw up twice. And there were real pictures of the same subject but they didn't affect me like the fact one. I'm still repulsed. I still can't get the image out of my head. It's something about the holes themselves, not what's in them. If you want to know what I'm bitching about, look up "breast with larvae" and it's the second picture. Fake as can be but utterly disturbing.

I think the Post Secret said "Even though I know this is an urban legend, this picture still CREEPS ME OUT!".  Thanks a lot, poster. I may never be 100% comfortable ever again.

July 11, 2002 @ 2:51p: A motherfucking FOG MACHINE has been donated to the Slumber Party Massacre. I really wish my exclaimation point key worked because I would have inserted 100 right there. Fog machine + candles + black/red light + drunk goths in their pajamas + unprotected sex follwed with death by pitchfork + fake blood ("even better than the real thing", according to Sifl and Olly) = OH MY FUCKING LORD.


Eerielilkittiee said...

author me in . I hate lots of things!

phoebe marie said...

i AM down with the love.

i am NOT down with the fact that you made me go look at that picture.