Monday, April 26, 2010

Never fell in love 'til I fell in love with you.


I had already posted my 600th post but it was lame and I don't want to reflect back on some lame survey about bands I like and things that annoy me. I want to reflect back on current awesomeness!!

And what's currently awesome???

There's a new episode of Adeventure Time With Finn & Jake on toniiiiiiight and I am more obsessed than ever. I have always wanted to voice a cartoon. It's a dream of mine. And Finn...despite being a 12 year old pretty much the cartoon version of meeee! The more I watch, the more I'm hooked. I've been singing his Baby Song constantly (I bet it's annoying more people than it's entertaining) and am trying to work "Schmowzow" into my daily vocabulary. Viva la Finny & Jake!

I'm going to Phee-Bizzle's after work to rumage through her Good Will pile. I have scored good sweaters and shirts while jumping into that heap like it's a pile of leaves. OK, so I never did that but maybe I will today. I won't wear used from a thrift store...but I know Phoebe so I know whose junk has been in those pants. I'll get to see her smiling face, too, which is a plus. Hopefully her face is smiling. Not sure what kind of day she's having yet.

Going to see Deadbolt with Cult of the Psychic Fetus and Lords of the Highway on Sunday!!! We've been counting down the days and plan to rock out to max capacity with a lot of our awesome pals. And speaking of rocking out, Uncle Ben Lybrager is going to Heavy Rebel with us! Yep, we decided to head to Winston-Salem for 2 out of the 3 days because I need some Sasquatch and Psychocharger in my life. I met Phoebe, Rocko, and the Shoe-Lanes there. It will be such a creepily romantic 10th year!

Our flipping vacation is paid offfffffffffff! I was actually able to buy groceries and gasoline this week! And we scored someone to house sit with the pups so now my brain can stop bleeding out of my ears. Sure, due to that stupid volcano, I'm not sure we'll be able to fly (we just decided 2 weeks ago to scrap the road trip but nooooo...mother nature went nutty), but it doesn't matter. However, we get there, in 44 days, I'll be chasing someone in a Tigger costume down Main Street.

Yeah! AWESOME! Happy 600th Posty!

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Camevil said...

I really need to check out this Adeventure Time With Finn & Jake of which you speak so highly. And Ben is going to be at HRW? What the heck...we only get Ben or Lisa on alternating years. Suckie, but still better than no B & L at all.