Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cuttin' up limes with a dull butter knife.

I am now in control of a blog titled Low-Rise Nightmare with the intention of posting pictures of things I hate. Low-rise jeans, Bob Segar, facial piercings, motorcycles, etc. But is it unhealthy to have a project dedicated to hate and negativity? I mean, I do LOVE to hate things. But do I want to use my free-time to document my hatred and loating, especially when I'm in such a good place these days?

I probably do!

Right now it's marked as a private blog until I actually kick it into gear. Maybe I should make this one of those blogs that can have many authors. Would any of my readers out there want to share a blog where we can constructively talk shit about things we despise?? Like onions, washing dishes, neighbors who let their dogs bark ALL night, and so on? I know I have a bunch of feisty friends out there.

But seriously...I am in a REALLY good mood. I am! For real!

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

September 26, 2003 @ 12:38p: Today I am pretending I am from Boston. Torr Skoog is from Boston. Torr Skoog is a hot potato and he's in a band that is 95% hot tamales. So much hottness...so many vegetable analogies.


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phoebe marie said...

i hate things, too! feel free to invite me in.

i will say, however, that i LOVE low rise jeans (they are the only kind that fit my weird body) and that my nose, which is on my face, is pierced. and i love to sit on the back of a motorcycle (though they do still scare me and i'm sort of glad that ryan gave them up). but i'm with you on bob seger.