Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls! Girls! Please don't fight!

I had the BEST time last night and felt 100% like myself again. I have to find out what elements in my life are making me feel off balance and then Ninja chop them in the brain. I've had enough of all this dramatic bullshit. I'm not putting up with anyone's nonsense anymmore, no matter who they are. I'm living for me...the only person who will be in my coffin!

So...back to my awesome night.

I met Carol right after work to see "The Runaways"...which I LOVED. Not only did Kristen Stewart prove she could do more than stammer and stutter and twitch, but Carol and I have decided to bring glam rock back in style. But the biggest High Five of the evening?? The theater was TOTALLY empty. Just us two. So we made comments through the entire film like a better looking "Mystery Science Theater". It was a BLAST. I don't think I can see a packed movie ever again. I also don't think I can go to movies with anyone but Carol.

And if you haven't seen "The Runaways"...see it. Loved it. Didn't even want to punch Dakota Fanning in the junk as much as I assumed I would.

Afterwards we went to Hoggy's and just talked and talked and laughed and acted like fools. It felt awesome.  100% rad. You don't realize how much you miss someone until you're with them again. I'm glad we got some one-on-one time under our belts. I sang loudly on the ride home and was just...happy. I could stand more days like that. I crawled in bed and got pulled into my weasel's clutches. But I could not fall asleep. Couldn't stay asleep. Woke up exhausted and slightly irritable.

So I'm trying to hold on to last night.

Even the part where Carol told me they don't make spray paint anymore. And I believed it. And then realized I was being a moron. Even that part was great. It's been a bit since I said life is good.

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