Saturday, April 02, 2011

So many stormy nights. So many wrong or rights.

Is it really April? Is this year really zooming by while I feel like I'm standing still, using some fancy video tricks? I'll take the speediness and insanity because then Spencer (and flip-flop weather) will be here sooner...but I don't want RETIREMENT to be here sooner, ya know?

Regardless, welcome April.

I'm laying in bed, slothing it up, trying to conserve every ounce of energy for Memphis Morticians tonight (which my peanut sized brain thought was LAST night). I'm debating going to Cinema Wasteland to get some horror swag for the little man but trying to do both AND get this living/dining room painted AND cleaning Grayskull for a taco fiesta on Sunday will bury me. Ah, the joys of sharing all your energy with an ever-growing parasite! Guess I have to be selective. What will be the most fun??? Fun is where it's at. Fun is where it has always been.

Speaking of fun, after some debate, it looks like our baby shower will be at the 100th Bomb Group/Bomber's Squadron/whatever you want to call it, some time in June. I dig that place and I can't wait to see my girlfriends in one place at one time. I miss all those sexy sleazeballs. Now to register...what the Hell do I need to raise a baby??? Besides patience, alcohol, and a plethora of facial expressions?

Time to put a hurting on a box of Lucky Charms.

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Bob Ignizio said...

Cinema Wasteland wasn't all that hot this year. I had to meet Radley Metzger, greatest porn/sexploitation director of all time, but otherwise no big deal.

What do you need to raise a baby? Who knows? We've had one for 2 months now, and I'm still not sure. They seem to like food. And diapers are a good thing. Beyond that, you just have to wing it.