Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spend the your pocko.

Road trip! Road trip! Road trip!

Leaving for NYC toniiiiiiight and I couldn't be slap-happier because for the last handful of days, I've been mere millimeters away from going Honey Badger on someones unsuspecting ass. And not one ass in particular. It could have been ANY ass or plural asses in a 500 foot radius. Feel lucky that you weren't near me or were spared the scrappiness of my wrath.

There's no explanation for my bad attitude but a road trip is the cure. This much I know. It's been awhile since I just jumped in the car and had an adventure. I should probably bring my Adventure Time hat for maximum adventuring. Regardless, I used to load up the car at the drop of the hat at cruuuuuuise here, there, anywhere. All you needed was a destination, car snacks, and tunes, and even the snacks were optional. The last really flat out awesome "hit all the right spots" road trip I had was to Heavy Rebel in...2007??? Hot damn.

Just thinking about Heavy Rebel 2007 improved my mood 10%.

And off topic, my head is bleeding. I should probably be more concerned.

See you when I get back to Ohio. Please try not to destroy it while I'm gone. I love it like it was my own child. I love it like I love ginormous jugs and really good cupcakes. To be safe, I'll give you the same rules I gave the person house sitting Castle Grayskull:

1. Don't kill my dogs.
2. Don't burn my house down.
3. No cops.

Have a great Easter, y'all. Hope the bunny is good to you!

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