Monday, April 11, 2011

Vague sketch of a fantasy laughing at the sunrise like he's been up all night.

A fantastic weekend came to a close and the work week began with me cruising to work with the windows rolled down and the radio blasting total jams from the 50s and 60s. I think it was the right way to keep the good days a'coming. As the Violent Femmes sang, "Good feeling...can't you stay with me just a little longer?".

As previously mentioned, we unexpectedly got some good news that is just letting us be able to breathe and relax (I didn't even know we were holding our breath until we got this news). It just reminded me that we are uber-lucky and uber-fortunate and no doubt have a fanastic life ahead of us. It's so easy to lose sight of how good you've got it when you let stress creep in, ya know? No matter what it is, everything works out one way or another so you might as well just enjoy life! And no, I haven't turned hippie on you.

So after being kicked off in the right direction, my weekend continued full of laid-back awesomeness. I had lunch with John Jackson), hung with my parents, and had plenty of quality time with a husband I'm bananas about, finishing up our living/dining room project and watching Harry Potter movies and Sunday night cartoons. The weather didn't hurt anything either! Ah flip-flops, I missed you, old friends.

Life is good. You don't need to tell me twice. Hope it's good for you, too.

10 days until our NYC adventure.
45 days until the 3rd trimester.
76 days until Spencer's baby shower.
129 days until we're scheduled to have a baby.

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