Saturday, April 09, 2011

Running like a fox to keep up with me.

2 weeks from today, we'll be waking up in New York City! Our hotel has a view of the Statue and we're a block away from where the WTC was. Can't wait. Roadtrips = yum!

Chelsea Handler is weathered. I read the other day that she's only 35 and I almost fell off my chair. She's comedic but her face is a horror show. She's leathery and orange. I discriminate against the orange. I'm not going to lie.

I've been listening to Duran Duran's "Rio" album on a fairly constant basis lately. I recommend it to all. Lyrical geniuses.

We got some really good news out of the blue yesterday, which is the best kind of good news, in my opinion. I was reminded how lucky we are.

Todd told me that he thinks of me where he hears "She's a Beauty (One In a Million Girls)" by The Tubes. I hate that song but the sentiment was sweet. I'll probably start listening to it in a different way now.

Just woke up from a dream that I was in labor. All laboring moms were wearing hockey jerseys but I hadn't gotten mine yet. I hope I got the Penguins or Sharks, of course.

I think I use the phrase "slash her throat" or "slash their throats" too often. For whatever creepy reason, I like how it sounds.

We have a movie date tomorrow to either see Arthur or Your Highness. I don't expect either to blow my mind but I also don't expect either to rot as hardcore as that Hop nightmare the kid and I saw on Tuesday. Regardless, I lurve the movie theater hardcore! But if it's ad nice as the say weather-wise...maybe the zoo? I expect a great Sunday indeed.

Boots! Reveal yourself!

OK, time to start the day off going back to sleep for a little while. Hey, I work hard while simultaneously growing a young man in my guts. I've earned the right to be lazy!!!

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