Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wake up and find that what you're searching for has been here the whole time.

3 years ago today I became someone's girlfriend.

A lot has happened in just 3 years.

We fell in love, we moved in together, we got engaged, we got a dog, we planned a wedding, we got married, we got another dog, we bought the house we'll grow old in, and we had countless amounts of adventures (including high highs and low lows) in between.

And now there's a baby boy on the way.

On Sunday, out of the clear blue sky Weasel said, "I love you", and I returned the emotion. Then he continued the conversation with, "I'm really happy"...and I'm really happy, too. We DESERVE to be happy. It's not like it's all been cake. But everything has been worth it.

People are amazingly lucky to have someone to puke your bad days on, tell your good news to, just sit in confortable silence with. Someone who loves you whether you look like the hottest ticket in town or some form of sewer-life. Someone who knows your quirks and loves them. Someone who is your best friend that you can ALSO make out with! It's all awesome.

It's been an awesome 3 years and I know exactly how lucky we are.

I love you, my Weasel. Happy Girlfriend/Boyfriend Anniversary.

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Anonymous said...

aaawe happy anniversary you guys
that almost made me cry!!