Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you.

I had three nose bleeds yesterday. It was a total horror show. Bright red, clotty nastiness all over my face and running down my throat. Not what one would call glamorous, by any means. The volcanic eruption that occurred on my mug was followed by a mind-numbing, skull-crunching headache that made it difficult to focus. I was fairly certain I was going to stroke out but I survived.

Lived to bleed another day!

So another snow storm is heading this way, postponing further my dreams of wearing flip flops and listening to "I'm Easy" by Brendan Benson with the windows rolled down. That groundhog was a liar. He should get a nosebleed.


I actually feel bad for saying that. Yesterday I watched an adorable video of a Slow Loris with a paper parasol (a.k.a. drink umbrella) and was so irritated by this guy repeatedly taking the umbrella away from the Loris just to watch him grad for it again. He also tickled the Loris' armpits to make him raise the umbrella in the air. Just let the fuzzy little dude nap under his parasol and take a hike! Moving on.

Snow storm most likely means I'll be barricaded inside Castle Grayskull for the weekend, which is OK. I've been dying to do some painting and Todd and I have a Stephen King movie marathon scheduled for Saturday night. Movie marathons are perfect for snowy days. But I'm really hoping to make it out to the 5 O'Clock tomorrow to see a buncha one-man/woman bands and a buncha pals that I miss. I refuse to be weather's bitch.

Hot cocoa, cupcake, Swedish Fish and GOOD MORNING!

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