Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And when she wakes up and makes up her miiiiiiiiiiind...

Additional info: 3 years ago today, I woke up with Todd in my bed for the first time. I (partially and fuzzily) remember it like it was yesterday.

I won't eat the ends. Not bread. Not bakery. Don't ask me to.

I'm trapped in Sick City and everything around me is hazy, kind of like "Yellow Submarine", 1960s type artwork that I despise. Too bright. Too hippie. I just want to put my hood up and sulk. I'm worried the little monster is having his/her way with my blood pressure again. Monster is GROUNDED. Everyone is grounded.

Paying bills relaxes me. Is that sick? I look forward to it every Wednesday.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I am actually Irish, as is my husband and our unborn.

Things I LOVE about being Irish/the Irish/St. Patrick's Day = soda bread, whiskey and green beer, potato soup, Conan O'Brien, the abundance of green (holla, green Converse), PJ McIntyre's and their bartenders, Liam Neeson, shamrocks and shamrock shakes, hanging w/my family, bagpipes and U2.

Things I HATE about being Irish/the Irish/St. Patrick's Day = drunk hooch girls and choch guys as far as the eye can see, The Pogues and almost all Irish music, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Colin Farrell, Guinness (unless I'm already warmed up), corn beef, Leprechauns, Celtic tattoos, the Irish Curse (red cheeks when drinking), bagpipes and U2.

"Uptown Girl" is a great song. You can't tell me otherwise. And with that...

5 days until we know...boy or girl.
10 days until our Columbus weekend roadtrip.
17 days until I'm half way done cooking.
36 days until we leave for NYC.
73 days until the third trimester.
157 days until little monster is scheduled to appear.


Camevil said...

U2 can suck it.

5 more days? Eeeeeeeeee!

Sharky Marie P.G. said...

I'm torn because stuff like "New Year's Day" and "With or Without You" are awesome. But the stuff of the last 10 years has been garbage. So they remain on both lists.

5 DAYS! Oh. My. God. The longest 5 days of my LIFE.