Sunday, January 02, 2011

Maybe the time is right. Oh, maybe tonight.

Happy New Year, sexy pants.

I still haven't made a resolution and still don't think I will seeing as I can't see past my next nap. But I think I'm going to follow in Little Jen's footsteps and make this year a little bit more about me. 2011 with be the year of Lacey.

I spent far too much of 2010 worrying about other people...not that that's a bad thing. But a piece of advice I have always lived by...and that I'm the only one who will be in my coffin so I'm the one I need to make happy. Now I'm not being selfish. I want to make others happy...husband, family, close friends. But I need to spend some time on me.

Right now, I'm feeling so guilty for all the time I spend sleeping or exhausted. Like I'm abandoning my family. But, as my pals keep reminding me, I'm growing a human being! There is nothing wrong with me getting as much sleep as possible. I've got to take care of me.

And there have been some people who have taken up too many of my thoughts and don't deserve to. Maybe it sounds harsh to say I'm writing people of...but I am. I need to be surrounded by less drama and less negativity. I'm not turning "hippie" but I have lots of awesome people on my life. They're who I want to be around.

So, I guess that's it. 2011: The Year Of Me.
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1 comment:

juste venteux said...

good luck lacey
you deserve to have a great year
all the good stuff :)
no room for the bad