Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sittin' here wishin' on a cement floor.

Rollercoaster goes up. Rollercoaster goes down.

Until yesterday, I had never really fainted before. It was unexpected as I'm guessing most fainting is. I was in the shower getting ready for work and, pardon my French, blacked-the-fuck-out. I never lost consciousness but I lost vision.

A few stumbles back and I cracked my melon on the shower wall. Vision back, room spinning, heart pounding, me yacking. Ultra glamerous. And ultra scary.

I laid down on the bathroom and could hear/feel my head pounding in my ears. Migrated to the bed and felt comatose. I tried to fuel up to see if that was the problem but I was just off. Period. High-tailed it to the ER to get the scoop.

They had to think I was high.

Regardless, they asked me a battery of questions and ran a plethora of tests, including several BP tests and an EKG. The conclusion was that my blood pressure was reaaaaaally low (due to pregnancy, dehydration, and possibly the notoriously hot showers I take).

My blood supply has increased and is focused around the tiny human I'm growing. Takes longer for blood to get to the brain. But that's nothing new. I was encouraged to follow up with my OB/GYN within 24 hours so here I am, waiting.

I guess the whole low BP mess gets treated with rest and boatloads of fluids. I was told to drink until I feel overhydrated...and them keep drinking. I'm probably internally drowning.

It's all a bummer because I had turned a corner. No more random nausea, not sooo exhausted, appetite starting to rally. Then this. Balls.

Up next? My 700th post.
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Camevil said...

Holy yikes. I'm glad you went to the ER. Falls and fainting are no good. I remember one time I had really low blood pressure, and it was worse than being high. But you fell. Ugh.

Sponge baths next time. Please.

Anonymous said...

I had some blood pressure issues during pregnancy as well. It gets scary anytime something like that happens and you're pregnant because you are worried for that little peanut. Trust me Lacey there are no corners, just illusions of corners. These things will come and go throughout your entire pregnancy so just try to take care of yourself and be prepared for the next time you get one of these lovely little preggo surprises. That one sounded scary though, being in the shower and all. I'm glad baby and momma are ok. Wish I was there to see you grow that baby bump!!