Monday, January 31, 2011

I will have my cake and I will eat it, too. Just like you.

1 week until my birthday. My favorite day of the year!

Now I know all Hell has broken loose in my life because I'm eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I hate peanut butter. It's my number one hated food tied with pineapples. But since I haven't gained any weight yet, I figure I better give baby what it wants. And apparently it wants peanut butter. Disgusting.

Hey! We stayed out until 12:15 Saturday night! We. Are. ANIMALS!

Saturday was Carol and Chanda's birthday shindig at the Yorktown Lanes bar. It was incredible, and not just because we kicked the night off with steaks accompanied by the lovely Miss Tessa. At the alley, I got to see so many friends that I haven't seen in MONTHS, even if it was briefly. I found myself a chair by John Jackson and settled in. Lots of people are pumped about the baby and we even got an amazing piece of artwork from Phoebe that says "M is for Mother, F is for Father". It was unexpected and super rad.

It was fun to see bands again, too. I felt in my element. The last  time I went to see bands at Yorktown Lanes, I got pregnant! This night was much more lowkey. And you heard it hear first...unless you heard it all over Facebook...Lady Leadfoot was AMAZING. I love Carol and her one-woman band but she was BORN to play saxophone in a funk band. My mind was blown and I was so proud.

And I never realize how much I miss people until we're together again.

But yeah, around 12:15, the monster retaliated by making me the gassiest human being on the planet and I officially LOOKED pregnant. I not only looked pregnant, I looked HUGE. I was a hot air balloon and couldn't get any relief. It took a looooooong time to fall asleep but it was worth it. I had a great time. I felt like myself.

The rest of the weekend? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Literally.

So life is good and very lowkey right now. Actuallym life is SUPER good because Vincent is going to be born TODAY if he hasn't been born already. Waiting for an update. He's a week late so everyone, mostly his parents, are on pins and needles. Hopefully they got to stick to their birth plan and everything is going A-OK. I can't wait to hear that he's officially appeared on the scene.

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