Wednesday, February 02, 2011

All this time, how could you not know, baby?

It's February. The month of LOVE. So I'm going to rant about some things that I hate because I LOVE to do that. But before I go getting all nutso about things that really don't matter in the long run, I want to say this...which goes along with February's feeling of love in a more loving way:


3 of my nephew's friends were in a horrific car crash on Monday night and things are not looking good for the two young passengers. You may have seem it on the news. Despite the circumstances and despite people's nasty opinions, I hope they all make it. 15 is too young to die from head injuries cause by a car crash that didn't need to happen. They haven't even lived yet.'s time for ME to be negative!!!

Kat Von D, I hate you and your ugly face. I hate the way you talk, the things you say, the way you dress. I admit, you've got INSANE talent. But I also think you're insane. And the more I read about you, the more I'm embarrassed that I ever watched your show. Blech.

And this is going to sound super juvenile and ridiculous and like something that shouldn't even be commented on. But I recently saw the pictures from W Magazine that Kim Kardashian is going all bananas about...and yeah, Kim Kardashian's ass is DISGUSTING. I never thought twice about it when it was clothed because, hey, I have a big ass and I like it. I like curves. I don't want to look like a little boy. But her naked ass? REPULSIVE. I actually covered my eyes and had to look through my fingers. Blech.

I hate radio country. A LOT. Especially "Red Neck Woman" type stuff. Blech.

I guess that's all I've got. Needed to spew a little hate so you didn't think I was getting wishy washy on you! And OH, incase you don't read 1313 Mockingbird Lane, welcome to the world Vincent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


juste venteux said...

hope those kids pull through. thats awful.

now ive gotta see these pics. morbid curiosity lol

Sharky Marie P.G. said...

Look them up. Kim Kardashian in W Magazine. I just find it to be a really unattractive nakes can. And it's probably super airbrushed. I'm afraid of it.

juste venteux said...

you're right. that was disturbing