Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to your life. There's no turning back.

Let's add Miley Cyrus and Kesha to the list of people I want to punch. Thanks.

Now on a less violent note...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, Y'ALL!

I like Valentine's Day. I'm not one of those people who drones on and on about how stupid it is and how they can't wait for it to be over. I like the pink and red and the cookies and flowers and silly cards and bad stuffed animals. Even when I haven't been in a relationship, I've liked the concept and always had a friend as a Valentine. Sure, you don't (and shouldn't) NEED a day to tell the people you care about how you feel. but it's still nice to hear. And nice is nice.

I slaved away on my day off making Todd cookies and brownies and got him a card letting him know that if we were in prison, I'd totally shiv someone on his behalf, which is true. It felt good just to go the extra mile to let him know I think he's aces. He took me to see an impromptu movie (we NEVER see comedies in the theater so it was a TREAT) and we watched Futurama in bed afterwards. It was just what Valentine's Day (even if we celebrated a day early) should be. Lowkey yet awesome. Lots of hand holding.

So Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. If I happen to hate you, you get a free pass today. Take advantage of it. This kind of generosity only comes once a year. If I happen to LURVE you, then I hope you have a down right great day. And to my other Valentine, Lady Gaga, I really can not wait to go home and watch your nasty self hatch out of an egg. I love you more and more every day!