Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don't even know what you're thinking. Don't even know what you're drinking but it keeps this Heaven alive.

I think I'm having an allergic reaction to Chlorine which is super awesome because to the outside world, it could appear that I am either cracked out or have mites. Both scenarios are exactly how I want to be seen by the world.

In more exciting and less skin-shreddingly itchy news, I think we're going to New York City for a long weekend in April! Now I've been to NYC many a time but never had what people would call "a blast". And I've never seen the sites! Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, the MET, etc. I DID see Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore pushing Coco in a stroller...and I saw Nicole Kidman getting into a limo. Regardless...

So this time around, it's all about being touristy and seeing how many ridiculous photos we can take. This trip won't revolve around drinking and bar life so the pregnant broad won't be odd man out. The only things on my personal Road Trip To-Do List are (possibly) see the Addams Family musical, eat at The Jekyll and Hyde Club, get my picture outside Le Bernadin and Parsons, and load up on Presidente to bring back for post-pregnancy!

We have an EXCELLENT tour guide (hooray for John Jackson!) and neither Sharon nor Todd have been to NYC. I love going to new places with Todd. As we were boarding the airplane for our honeymoon, he said we needed to get passports because "...we're totally going to travel the world together". This may be our last adventure together for awhile and it's going to be amazing.


And HEY, what's today?? It's Becky's 40th Birthday!!! Becky kept my head above water, kept me ALIVE, for many years. Anything that I have and everything that I am (the non-scummy parts, at least) I owe to her. I can't possibly put into words how much I appreciate her friendship. So HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS, my friend! I hope someone wraps up the world and gives it to you today!

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Camevil said...

What a great plan for a babymoon! When we went on mini baby vacations, I thought not being able to drink would put a damper on things. As it turned out, NOT drinking made the vacations even better (and more memorable...go figure).