Thursday, July 08, 2010

Well look at me, I'm a'coming back again.

20 boxes packed and sealed!

I thought packing would be so stressful but it's truly the most stable and calming this in my life right now. I've been uber-stressed this week but once I get my hands on that tape gun... Tonight I'm looking forward to filling more boxes, running them to the temporary storage spot, painting and cleaning. Any of the jitters I had about moving have disappeared into thin air. I'm pumped. Period.

And I love my friends. I love that they'll give up their free time and sanity to help us and will still love us while we're running around like psychotic chickens! Tessa gave up and evening to listen to us bitch about an unfortunate waste-of-life we have to deal with, all while bubble-wrapping anything and everything I had for her. And Joe-n-Sharon are signed up tonight and possibly this weekend to paint my colorful home "Navajo White" to make it "buyer friendly". We're lucky to have people to lean on.

Pretty soon we'll be collapsing on them.

You know, I think I'll paint my art studio at Castle Grayskull hot pink.

In fact, I know I will. Good times are ahead!

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