Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You've got something for me.

Last night I thought I was having an anxiety attack. I could feel heat radiating off my body, my mind was racing, and I couldn't breathe. Then I started throwing up uncontrollably and my nose started bleeding. The more I could taste that horror, the more I threw up. And there were other bodily functions but I'm trying to be partially lady like. Now my body feels like it weighs ten tons and every muscle is screaming at me.

It's almost as if I had an anxiety attack and in those 2 minutes that I let my guard down, the flu slithered in. I don't have time to be sick. I have far too many things to do and not enough hours to do them WITHOUT being sick. And I can't afford to be sick. Buying and selling a house cost money...who knew? Every can of paint, all the switchplate covers, the door that needs to be replaced, tons of cleaning supplies...it all adds up. My head is swimming. Todd says, "1 thing at a time".

I need to put my head in the trash can. That's 1 thing.


phoebe marie said...

I know exactly how you feel. Hugs...

juste venteux said...

Lacey you need to take up meditation or yoga or some relaxing crap! Sometimes I get stressed out just reading about how stressed out you are!!!! You need to take better care of you hon. It will all come together. I know that sounds pretty lame but it's the truth. This is an amazing time in your life, albeit overwhelming I'm sure. Try to enjoy the ride!! Or at the very least try not to kill yourself in the process. That would suck. I kinda like you and I would miss you. Hope you feel better soon. :D

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

@Phoebe: Hugs back at cha.

@Windy: I like you, too, so I'll do my very best not to die. I think it's just one of those "when it rains, it pours" kind of times. We'll get through it. Just a lot going on at once and a lot that needs to be done STAT.

juste venteux said...

I know
I wish we could help
Rylee kinda puts a stop to that idea though
Are you guys planning on coming to his birthday?

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

The fact that you even WANT to help is appreciated. Everyone has their own lives and things going on so I get why people can't help and that's A-OK!

I would love to come to his birthday party but it all depends on a) if I'm sick, cause you do NOT need a sick baby and b) how much we get done Friday and Saturday because on the 30th, we get the keys.

juste venteux said...

woohoo for the keys!
well we hope you can make it but if not we understand!