Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Climb so we can reach anything we may propose.

As everyone on the planet Earth knows, we are now the proud (and frazzled) owners of Castle Grayskull! Shocking, I know. I found it online last Sunday, we looked at in Wednesday, made an offer on Friday (5:30p), and a counter-offer was accepted (6:30p). I don't even think I've had time for it all to soak in. We immediately began taking down artwork, clearing off shelves, weeding through junk, throwing out trash...it's been non-stop! Our entire lives are in piles on the floor.

But I am feeling very anxious.

I love the Ol' Kentucky Corral. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to it. I've had crazy dreams. I've had mini-panic attacks. I've wondered if we're doing the right thing. But when Todd starts talking about my art studio and his man cave and when I think about having kids there and where we'll be putting out Christmas tree...my mind is eased. I know we're doing the right thing for us, the kid, the future kids, the dogs...we can't live on top of each other anymore. I just don't deal with stress well. It's a fact.

And I need to call in favors, which I hate doing. We need help. We have a whole house to pack up and tons of cleaning to do...nails to pull, holes to patch, walls to wash, floors to scrub. The inspection of our new digs is this week and we get the keys next FRIDAY. It's all happening very fast so I'd be lying if I said we didn't need help. I especially need help painting the kid's bedroom at the new house. It has to get done PRONTO because we have to move his new bedroom set in. I am NOTORIOUS for getting more paint on me than the walls and I'm a better NFL player than I am an edger. So...

...HELP!  We'll take all we can get.

So, a new chapter of our life is starting and a big chapter of my life, at least, is closing. Good times and bad were had at the corral and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I lived with Phoebe, Little Jen, Tommy Roulette. I had cats, dogs and rats. I've had a a plethora of parties from a prom, a pajama party, an Under The Sea shindig, and a slumber party massacre. I've cried myself to sleep and I've laughed myself awake. I packed a lot into 6 years so I'll probably have what people call "emotions" when I leave. But there's so much more ahead of us.


That's worth the mortgage right there.

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