Monday, July 19, 2010

Happiness hit her like a bullet in the mind.

*I forgot to mention that we got married 10 months ago today. It's hard for me to believe it's been that long yet sometimes, it feels like just yesterday. Either way, I love you, my husband!

I know I've said it before but let me say it again...

If you're going to put "He Can't Love You Like I Love You" on a mix tape then you have NO CHOICE but to also put "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" and "I've Done Everything For You (You've Done Nothing For Me)" on said mix tape. They just go together and you can't tell me otherwise. It's a trifecta!

Thank you paint fumes! Brain = FRIED.

Todd and I were machines this weekend. We kicked ass like ninjas when it came done to readying the Corral to go up for sale. And all the hard work we put in seems to have brought us closer together which is rad. I expected being stuck in the house 24/7 to get to us. Opposite effect. And if we can keep up the momentum and teamwork, we could be done with our "TO DO" list by the end of the weekend.

Still feeling anxiety from time to time. But the more we paint over and box up our lives, the more that house feels less like home. I guess that's a good thing. And it's a good thing that we have Road Rash Bash and an "adults only" Kalahari trip planned for next month because we need a break. I know we went on vacation recently but that wasn't exactly a lounging vacation and when we came back...BANANAS! I almost ripped my toe off and then BOOM, we buy a house in another city.

ARE WE INSANE??? I think the answer is yes but I also think our insanity is what makes me love "us" more and more. I can for sure say I love my weasel more and more because even when I am dripping sweat, have a definite smell, my hair is sticking up in every direction, my clothes are covered in paint and filth, and last night's make-up is pretty much all over face...he's still all hot for me. How gross! And how awesome!

And to my friends...I miss you.  Lots.

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