Sunday, June 20, 2010

You say you've got some very excellent news.

I have to go back to reality tomorrow and I'm dreading it. I don't hate my job but I hate reality. I've gotten a lot of things together in the past few months. I'm a full-fledged, functioning adult! I actually feel secure about the future and not like the low-life I was back in my Kent State days. But everyone under burning hot SUN knows stress and I are totally enemies. And that's what life breeds...stress. Ugh. I'm still going to try and face post-vacation life head on and with my chin held high!

But please believe me...I know I have things a LOT better than some. But I've put in 31 years on this planet...I've earned the right to bitch a smidge. It's like my social security benefits. But I'm claiming them before they run out and become useless.

For now, it's Father's Day. My father is on a plane flying home from a 10 day vacation with my mom that included them sleeping in a teepee! Who would've thunk it? So I'll be grilling a totally manly dinner for my husband to celebrate they holiday (we're 0 for 4 by the way and I got REALLY emotional this time). He opened his present this morning (Family Guy volume 8 because I couldn't find a Veluxx blanket) and is currently at the batting cages for some father & son time. I hope by next year he's a father to our own little monster. I hate faith.

I've given Todd a card every Saturday from the very first week of our adventure together. Today he got his 116th card. I've been re-reading them and reliving our relationship and it's been kind of incredible. I'm glad I did this. Not just the cards...all of it.


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