Thursday, June 03, 2010

Can I leave a message on your machine?

I killed a spider the size of my eyeball (it was so graphically large that I could see it WITHOUT my glasses on) this morning with a can of scrubbing bubbles and one of the runt's new shoes. Immediately after I committed this murder, I doubled over in pain and couldn't get off the bathroom floor. The pain has subsided slightly, but I'm sore and out of sorts. Somewhere out there, Mama Spider has a voo-doo doll in my likeness.

1 week until our vacation. 1 week that will no doubt fly by since I have a surprise day off work tomorrow with a totally free evening, a rad baby shower on Saturday will another free evening, a grad party and the race on Sunday, and a 3 day work week that will also include cleaning for the dog sitter. And let's not forget lots of hanky panky! I hope you just enjoyed that sneak peak into my agenda!

I told Tessa yesterday that when we're finally in Florida, in our room, getting ready to hit the parks...I will probably cry. I've been busting my can to plan this and make sure everything is perfect for the runt's first vacation...for our first family vacation...and I've been SO STRESSED OUT with life in general...I think it will all just come out...of my eye sockets. I just used a lot of ellipses. Sorry punctuation freaks.

Tomorrow I can sing "Six Days" by Dead Milkmen ALL DAY.

"Alice In Wonderland" arrives today. Gonna get my mind blown again.

Other than that, I'm just taking life day-by-day and trying to keep any of my vital organs from exploding. After vacation, there is still a great summer to be had with lots of fun-n-festive events. Heavy Rebel, 2nd Annual Roll-n-Bowl, Lady Gaga, the Road Rash Bash, April's baby making her debut...not to mention swimming, cook outs, bike rides, county fairs, the dog park, and all that good summery stuff. I want to have an unbelieveably fun and stress-free summer. Is that too much to ask?

And for those who lurve me/us, attempt #4 is in progress. Is that gross? Too much information? Either way, please cross whatever you can cross and send good vibes our way. But try NOT to picture us mid-attempt. Otherwise you may never look at us the same!

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