Sunday, June 27, 2010

That was where we used to sleep.

We are doing everything we can to grow old here.

It's perfect for us to expand our family in a great neighborhood while still being totally awesome. Sure, it doesn't have a Cleveland address but that's why you have cars people! Everything is neutral and waiting for us to put our stamp on it. Did I mention it has a pool AND an outdoor tiki bar?? And it backs right up to a 65 acre park where you can fish, bike, hike, picnic, etc.  But those are just perks. It seems like this house is calling to us. I showed the pic to Todd on a whim, thinking it was so bizarre...and now we're both hooked. I don't know what will come of this but I DO know that it's time to move. We need more space, plain and simple.

But if you know anyone looking for a GREAT starter home...this one has been good to me for 6 years.  And I would stay here for the rest of my days but it just isn't big enough for 2 adults who want to get preggo, a growing boy, 2 big puppies, and an old, cranky cat. The neighborhood is solid (descent access to 71, 90, and 480) and the neighbors are a dream...they ALL keep to themselves. I wish I could lift the Barbie Dream House (as I'm affectionately calling it) out of Brunswick and put it on our lot because I sure will miss PJ McIntyre's. But that's why WE have cars. We may just be dreaming.

I guess we'll see what happens.

EDIT #1: I am now calling the house "Castle Grayskull".
EDIT #2: We are going to see it on Wednesday!


juste venteux said...

I like it! It's different in a good way. Have you seen the inside yet? Is it close to us?

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

We see it tomorrow at 5:30. It's the 1st house we're looking at so who knows what'll happen.

It's 20 minutes from you guys. You can actually take 252 all the way there!!

The Drunken Gnome said...

let me know when you have your place up on the market. we've been thinking about starting to look for a home to buy.