Tuesday, June 08, 2010

And I'm so greatful...to be nowhere.

Now that I'm done tossing my cookies...

Let's back track to the weekend, shall we?

I felt like I was running on go at warp speed all weekend! Usually I feel like my weekends are busy but my dance card was FULL this time around. Friday I had the day off work, which was a pleasant surprise. Tessa was "sick" so she accompanied me all over creation. We hit up Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart trying to score some rad baby gifts for D.A.B. and April's baby shower. Then we lunched and gabbed about boys and why they're bananas. I headed home and spent the rest of night couch cocktailing with Todd and SVU. Yeah, I'm addicted.

Woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Saturday to sew patches and pin buttons onto Baby Bell's first denim jacket (she also scored some Devil Ducks, 2 onesies with shhhhhharks, diapers, and a silver pig-shaped piggy bank). We headed over to the couple's shower and had a blast...and not just because they had spiked punch! April couldn't be cuter. I can't wait to see this baby (whose name keeps changing). Come on August 20th! Afterwards, a smaller group of shower guests headed to the Lincoln Park Tavern to rock out to total jams, have some drinks and some laughs. I never know how much I've missed my friends until I'm with them. I'm damn lucky to have the Ol' Kentucky Sharks.

And Saturday night...Human Centipede. Still digesting it.

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday except this time, I was making veggie pizzas for a graduation party. My cousin Victoria is going to Fordham in the fall. I wish I had gone to college out of state but I had plenty of adventures where I was. Moving on...we went to the grad party, hung with my family, and wrapped up the day at home, grilling steaks and watching "Alice In Wonderland". I was exhasuted and a few pounds lighter when the busy weekend came to a close. I marked it a success.

And now we're 46 hours from take off.

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Bob Ignizio said...

I'm gonna' say I probably wouldn't want to digest either 'The Human Centipede' or the stuff said centipede had to digest. You're a real trooper to have made it through that movie.

And your baby shower presents totally rocked. With that jean jacket, DAB and April's youngun' is already well on the road to a happy juvenile delinquency.