Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grab a fork and make your first attack!

Tuesday was horrific. Here's the gorey story!

I had made some dinner which disaggreed with me and per usual, I tossed my cookies. I was laying on the bed when I may or may not have noticed that I might have thrown up on my own shirt. Awesome! So on my way to the dresser for a clean shirt, I nailed my foot into the base of my recumbent bike. It's happened several times before. If you know anything about me, you know I'm clumsy and awkward. So I was motherfucking this and that as I hopped around the room with my foot in my hands.

And my hands were covered in blood.

And there were blood puddles on the floor.

I sat down thinking maybe my toe nail ripped off or something. No such luck. When I turned my foot over I discovered that my baby toe had actually ripped away from my foot. I keep saying it "popped at the seam". When I realized what I was looking at through all the blood, I froze. I was sick. I didn't know something so small could bleed so much. And the blood was so dark, I couldn't see how far around the wound went. So I tied a bandana around my paw and made a frantic call to Todd, who was at the kid's baseball game.

I couldn't wait around for Todd to figure things out so I drove myself to the Emergency Room. Luckily, blood gets you noticed and I was up in a room in no time flat. Todd got there right as the doctor came in to sneak a peak. He came back with a suture kit and made me lay on my belly and not look back. Again, if you know me, I have horrible hospital anxiety so I was livid. I haven't had stiches since I was 3 and I don't remember those. The novacaine or lidocaine or whatever it was?? MORTIFYING!

So I was stitched up and sent to X-Ray. Nothing is broken or dislocated, besides my spirit. They banadaged me up, gave me some Tylenol, a prescription for Vicodin which is wrecking me from the inside out, and sent me on my way. Todd was nice enough to fill my meds even though it was past his bed time. I miss 2 days of work because I couldn't put any weight on it. Lots of TV, lots of napping, and lots of stomachaches and headaches from the painkillers. I thought the worst was over.

Today I head back to work!

I'm showering (for the first time since before the injury) and trying to get the wound nice and clean. Everyone at the hospital warned me that feet are VERY dirty and therefore prone to infection. If I get an infection, it'll never heal. That's the card I've been dealt. So I'm cleaning it off and feel a POP! Oh no! Is it a popped stitch??  Why is my foot bleeding again?

Because they never finished STITCHING!!

The wound went from the back up between the toes. The guy missed another gaping hole! I guess it popped at 2 seams. I didn't notice because I couldn't move it after my initial discovery. The doc didn't see it because he didn't bother to look BETWEEN the toes. There was a thread of skin in between and that's where he sticthed up to. Morons. At this point, it looks as if the open wound was starting to heal on it's own. Let's hope it continues on that path because I will NOT get more stitches. I was a bad patient.

So there you have it. I still have 10 toes.

Now I have to deal with flip-flop separation anxiety.

Pics later on Stalking My Life!

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erin said...

OUCH! get well soon girl