Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sew on patches...to all you tear.

I have totally abandon my "Cannibalicious" style paintings in favor of half naked Disney Princesses! Painting the good girls doing bad things! I have never been so pumped and ridiculous. I believe I said "doing whatever she is doing with her fishy business" the other day while painting a topless Ariel (who is in my top 3, of course). Phoebe and I had a conversation about whether or not Disney would issue me a cease and dessist order. I guess I better pump out as many of these puppies as possible! The liklihood that they'll stumble upon little ol' me and my little ol' art show is highly improbable. I should stop talking about it. Disney has eyes EVERYWHERE!

I get to see Lisa in 3 days! I just peed a little.

I dunno...maybe it feels like I'm abandoning the blogosphere but I'm really not. What can I say? LITERALLY...what CAN I say? I don't want to say my life has gotten boring (come on now) but it's mainly been jam-packed with home improvements, painting, work, wedding shtuff (which I blather about somewhere else so you don't get all grossed-out from all the icky, sticky love involved), and sleeping. I'm sure I'll have more stories and hijinks to blather on about once Pussyfoot Girls get back in gear...and a visit from Lisa always has memory-creating potential. Like I said...life isn't boring...there's just a lot of routine setting in. Which is GOOD! My goal was to have around 60 paintings and framed drawings for my art show and I only have until August 7th! I NEED ROUTINE!

I'm sorry I'm boring you. I'm boring myself.

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